Funeral Coaches available for movies, promotional events, and more...

This is our 1973 Cadillac Miller-Meteor 3-way hearse.

And this is our 1969 Cadillac Superior funeral coach.

1968 Superior (center, more pictures coming soon)

1972 Superior endloader...

...the '72 has seen better days.

STOLEN from the Lancaster CA area (Please email joe@darkattraction.com if you have any information)

1967 Miller Meteor Duplex

Coming soon...

1959 Superior currently located in Georgia

1960 Miller-Meteor currently located in Georgia ("rust particles holding hands")

Here is the previous owner's website for the 1960

...and the previous owner's website for the 1959

1961 Miller-Meteor currently located in Colorado

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Deathfest 2004 (HauntX)

More Deathfest

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